About Mr. Cheese Bread

A women owned business in Atlanta, GA

Authentic Taste

We use a Brazilian recipe for the authentic taste of pao de queijo, but make it right here in the U.S. This guarantees fresh bread from our facility to your oven. All ingredients we use are natural. That’s right, that means no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Unique Flavors

A root called yuca is the plant that gives us our naturally gluten-free cassava flour. No sugar, no gluten, and all natural flavors?A product kids and parents will both love!

Learn more about each flavor here. 

Made in the USA

We offer the original flavor along with garlic, jalapeño, and garlic. Deliciously unique without losing that authentic flavor. 

Meet the founders

 Devoted to delivering the finest possible product every time.

Cleonice Mota

Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer

Roselito Coelho

Co Founder

Mr. Cheese Bread was created by the brilliant minds of Cleonice Mota and Roselito Coelho. Starting in 2014, they began working side by side to create the recipe we know and love today. 

Many cheese bread companies are based in Brazil, but ours is located just south of Atlanta, Georgia. As a small business ourselves, we believe in giving back to our local community, and work closely to support other small businesses around the city. 

Our product can be found in over 20 locations in the Metro Atlanta, including Kroger , Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market,  Buford Highway Farmers Market, and several other small grocery stores. 

Not in Atlanta? Not a problem!

We deliver right to your door with 2-day shipping to 49 states. However, nothing would make us happier than moving closer to you. If you’re a buyer or there’s a store nearby that you would love our product to be in, email us for a request form!